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Joe vs. Bill

How did the heavyweights match up through Oct 25, 2013? You'll be intrigued how Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota splashed the cash.

Independent Money + Emotions

Check out Gridbird's quick overview of Independent Campaign Expenditure in the 2013 NYC race for Mayor. Organized by Sentiment and Candidate.

NYC 2013 Elections: Top 20 Recipients of Campaign Expenditures

Curious to find out who are the biggest winners of 2013? Click through and find out where your money went...

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Spending on pizza now accounts for 0.00319% of all 2013 Campaign spending. Here are the candidates dedicated to keeping the dream alive in New York City.

A Word Tree of purpose given by City Council for Discretionary Spending 2009-2013.

Special thank you to Jason Davies! Not only did he create the word tree program and hosts the work, Jason also spent the morning helping me get the file working.

NYC 2013 Elections: Top 20 Campaign Contributions by Homemakers